About Yaabi Academy

About Yaabi Academy

Professional Training in Web Development, Graphic Design, VFX & Multimedia Editing, PHP, Java, Photoshop, CorelDraw, After Effects, MS Office, Python, App Development, and more.

Who we are?

Yaabi Academy is a training institute, known previously as Yaabitech Software Solutions & Training Institute, that provides professional and IT training to school and college students, working professionals, job seekers, and all other types of learners. We offer the best learning experience possible by providing step-by-step guidance, practical tasks, real-time projects, live classes, extremely useful study materials, group discussions on related topics, practice tests with simple questions on each chapter, and so on.

The lecturers are highly qualified working professionals in their respective fields. We do not allow people to directly post videos on our website, as most other websites do. We carefully choose the ideal candidate with extensive knowledge and practical experience in the relevant field. After we have shortlisted and interviewed them, we will assign a qualified lecturer to conduct your classes, live sessions, and doubt sessions.


To make the next generation more powerful and strong in the field of software.


To create a better and more perfect learning environment for students, working professionals, and job seekers, as well as to strengthen them in the fields of software, design, and programming.

Thanks for the support of all students, contributors, and our employees.