Full-Stack Web Development

Full-stack Development. Front-end (HTML, CSS, JS), Back-end (PHP, MySQL), jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML. Online certification course with pre-recorded videos, chapters, materials, practical projects

Full-Stack Web Development


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Course ID : YTC001

Language : தமிழ்

Duration : 180 hours

Career Options : Website Development, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Full-stack Development, Website Testing, Front-end Design, Back-end Design, PHP Development, Web App Development

Full-Stack Web Development

Course Benefits

  • Course time is flexible.
  • Lifetime access to materials and videos.
  • Live classes and videos are available in Tamil (in your own language). Materials and pages are in English.
  • Course completion certificate with online verification system. A hard copy of the certificate is also available.
  • Examples or Source code for all the classes can be downloaded for practice.
  • To obtain experience, you'll be given a task on each class. We'll correct it and discuss it in live class after you upload the completed job.
  • Free lifetime access to many of our workshops, skill development programs related to the course and career development.

How are the classes conducted?

The Yaabi Academy course has 3 steps.

1. The first step is the chapters, which have pre-recorded videos and text content that include step-by-step explanations, examples, and tasks. In programming courses, sample code will be given; in designing, the design file will be given. Students will learn from the pre-recorded videos, text content, and examples. Small tasks and questions will be provided at the end of each chapter.

2. The second step is to ask questions or doubts. You can ask a question directly on the chapter page or you can discuss your doubts in the groups given on our website.

3. The third step is to do small practical tasks. On the same chapter page, after completing the task, it can be uploaded. Once the task is being checked, you will be notified and you can download our example code for that task.

By doing these 3 steps, a student can learn with practical experience, and then, finally, on course completion, real projects are given to develop our students' expertise.

About Course:

Website Development is one of the emerging professional courses for individuals, students, and working professionals. We deliver the course with practical knowledge as we are working professionals in website development. We will walk you through practical examples and real-time experience in web development. You will learn both front-end and back-end web programming, i.e. the full-stack.

After completion of this course, you will acquire knowledge in Website Development as a working expertise You will create some professional websites as a part of practical training during the class which is an added advantage to build your resume. It increases your probability of getting placed in this competitive environment.

We also provide placement and lifetime guidance for all of our students to get a job for themselves.

What you'll learn:


HTML determines the structure of the web page and determines each element. These elements are the building blocks of an HTML page.

CSS adds an appearance and texture to the elements. It describes how HTML elements are to be displayed.

Javascript is the programming language of the website. It interact with the element and its styles.


PHP is a server side programming language. PHP scripts are executed on the server before the output is sent to the computer of the client as plain HTML.

MySQL is a database system used to store data on the server.

AJAX is a technique for sending and retrieving data from a server without getting the page to be loaded (asynchronously).

JSON is a format (not a language)that is utilized in storing and transporting data.

jQuery is a pre-built JavaScript library. It makes javascript coding much easier and less time consuming.

Bootstrap and Materialize are CSS frameworks used to create responsive and mobile-friendly websites.


In addition, you will learn basic SEO, mobile responsiveness, web application concepts (PWA web application), Google Analytics, Google Adsense, basic website security, website optimization techniques, website maintenance and cPanel.

You will learn how to buy and host a domain and how to connect them to make the website live.

Live chat, FPDF (dynamic PDF in PHP), image resizing in PHP, error handling techniques, testing, etc.

Real-time practicals will make you build real websites. After completing the course, you will develop and host your own websites.

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